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piroska szönye
ch - 7007 chur
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Piroska Szönye
the art  

Artists tell us the stories of mankind – by means of their very own language. No matter how these thoughts are being communicated, in the shape of sculptures, songs or poems, they always speak of the possibilities of human existence. | It’s time for a new world, for the sensual universe of the dreamer or the homo ludens. Because the gateway to eternity lies hidden in the world of playfulness.
Artist Piroska Szönye combines spirit, irony and imagination with her very special sense of humour; she uses thin, changing layers of varnish, applying them one on top of the other. Through their fine structure they masterfully bring out the inner splendour and passion of her paintings. | She can make people believe in miracles that don’t come from heaven. It seems as if she possesses the gift to make objects come alive, to make them reminders of the story of the Creation, to make them at long last the image and essence of existence. | From homo ludens to homo lumens. | Creatures of the realm of shadows – filigree, fragile and yet possessing great inner strength – emerge from the mist into contre-jour and face us as unpersonalised beings. Dreamworlds are being brought to life, mysterious letters appear, written by whom? | The spiritual aspect is what matters most in great art. | Piroska Szönye has developed her own unmistakeable style in arts: unconventional, clear and full of light. | Dieter Deuter, Frankfurt

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